Man Hikes With Support Owl Named Louie — Inspiring Others With PTSD Along His Way

It’s not every day you see a man and his owl hiking up a mountain.

But this isn’t just any regular owl. Louie is an emotional support animal.

Jaylo Miles and his beautiful PTSD barn owl have the most incredible bond.

Together they are on a mission to help raise awareness for mental health and those who are battling PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and the stigma attached to it.

A photojournalist based in Swansea, Wales, Joann Randles, recently joined the unlikely duo for a hike to the summit of the highest peak in South Wales, Pen-y-Fan.

“I try to find uplifting stories and came across Jaylo Miles’ inspirational owl story online.”

She reached out to Welshman who lives in Cardiff, to see if he would allow Joann to join him on one of his adventures with Louie.

“People will never know how special Louie is, not just for me but, for guys I let hold him,” says Jaylo. “That special moment of love!”

Jaylo set up a Facebook page called Many Downs, Time To Get Up, as a safe and uplifting community where individuals can learn about his battle to overcome PTSD, and readers can help inspire others.

The father of three wrote, “I have built this page from a desperate battle with my own mental health and suicidal thoughts in the hope to make a difference and leave a legacy to create & inspire.”

Jaylo and Louie—and another support owl named Oscar—are now familiar faces around Cardiff.

They encourage others to join with them on challenges and group meet-ups, so that they, too, can take the positive steps to overcome their fears.

“CPTSD, PTSD, mental health sucks, but the journey I’m on will show the way for those in their time of need. Be strong, be honest, be you!”